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Mosaic Entertainment is a multi-platform production company that creates award winning, innovative content for film, television and digital media.


With over 30 projects either in development, in production or previously produced; Mosaic Entertainment is charging forward with quality content. Take a peak of some of the work we have done, are working on now and have our eyes on to tackle in the upcoming year.

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Truckstop Bloodsuckers

Little Hope’s All-Night Diner is just a regular truck stop in your average small prairie town.  Good coffee, apple pie, blue-plate specials and a high turnover of kitchen staff who are never seen again.


Kitten Assassin

A spinoff of Tiny Plastic Men, Kitten Assassin is a hilariously cute yet deadly mobile game.  In a world where dogs rule as cruel dictators over a repressed nation of cats, one cute little kitten …


CAUTION: May Contain Nuts

CAUTION: May Contain Nuts is a award-winning, hilarious sketch comedy series that mines comedic gold. The sketches will make you laugh, the News lampoons will make you cry (from laughing), the music video satire will make …


Tiny Plastic Men

NEW from Gottfried Brothers, an innovative comedy show that brings the quick laughs of sketch with the emotional punch of a sitcom!

“Gottfried Brothers” is a toy company that makes everything from video games to …



E-Town is hitting the airwaves with a new kind of sketch comedy!  The awesome kind. Straight outta Canada’s new Comedy Capital, E-Town brings together some of the best cast and crew Edmonton has to offer. …



If The Buddha and Usain Bolt wanted to work out at the same time, they would kick it FlowPower style! FlowPower takes the beauty and fluid movements of traditional yoga and seamlessly integrates it with the dynamic …



LOGLINE: A half hour comedy about a nerdy man-child whose world and fledgling app development company is turned upside down when he hires a sassy new office manager who attempts to drag him kicking and …


Delmer and Marta

The popular and lovable characters from the award winning sketch comedy series CAUTION: May Contain Nuts return in their very own situation comedy series.

Relocating to the town of Morningside, Alberta (Population 10,000) Marta (Howie Miller) …


White Mask

White Mask is a sweeping historical romance and drama set against the backdrop of the racial tensions and challenges for the Natives of 1885 Alberta.  Finn (18) gets sent to a reserve to help at …


Ninja Girl

A martial arts action movie about a sequestered 16 year old assassin, who discovers love and the temptations of the modern world, as her traditional Triad crime family goes to war with a gang of …

Meet the Team

Though we realize that it takes a very large and talented team to pull off some of the feats that Mosaic has done to date, it is the core family that keeps the Mosaic heart beating everyday. Take a moment to get to know some of them.

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Mosaic Entertainment and Prairie Dog Nab Best Series Nominations.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, January 14th, 2014 – Two Edmonton productions received
top honours from The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television yesterday at the
announcement of the 2014 Canadian …

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